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About us

iBi Free Life

We are iBi Free Life. A children's lifestyle brand that contributes to a clean ocean. Our journey began on 2 July 2017. On this warm summer day, we sailed on the Mediterranean Sea. We followed a group of beautiful dolphins. And then it happened. We came across something terrible. We stumbled upon a sea turtle fighting for his life. He was stuck in a plastic cloth. We didn’t hesitate at all, not even for a moment, and brought the sea turtle on board. We carefully rescued the animal from the plastic. After this, we released him back into the ocean. The sea turtle was heading towards his freedom again. We gave him a name. We were sailing close to Ibiza. The name iBi was born.

Clothing brand and foundation

After the encounter with iBi, we actively started thinking about how we could best use this experience to make others more aware of the use of plastic. And what the consequences of this use are for the marine animals in our oceans. Slowly but surely, the idea for a clothing brand and foundation took shape. In January 2019, we launched the iBi Foundation and iBi Free Life. We consciously made the choice for children's clothing. We believe that children can make a difference, now and in the future.


Big dreams for the future

We launch two collections every year: a spring and summer collection and an fall and winter collection. Your kids can wear the coolest, most sustainable clothing all year round. In the future we hope to add more collections to the two we now yearly launch. The beauty of our children’s clothing? We donate 5 euros per item sold to the iBi Foundation. This money is donated to charities and projects that remove plastic from our oceans. With our collections, we also hope to create awareness on the importance of clean oceans. In addition, we want to continue to propagate what we stand for: a clean ocean for everyone, supported by everyone!


Would you like to contribute to a clean ocean & look fashionable at the same time? Choose consciously, wear iBi Free Life clothing!


Check out the iBi Collection